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Get all trajectories



A paginated API, where the next page will chronologically retrieve the changes since the last API call.

The pagination is ordered by the event last modified time. A trajectory for the same object may show up more than once in the pagination, if a trajectory gets modified during pagination.

This API may be used in an streaming fashion. Even when the API returns 0 results, the same token may be used in the future to retrieve any additional changes since the last call.


Query Parameters

    token string

    Continuation token to retrieve next page

    object_id string

    Filter trajectories by a given object.

    upload_type string

    Filter trajectories by type. If this is 'hypothetical' then only trajectories for the operator making the request will appear.

    min_update_time string

    Minimum time of when the event was last updated. Recommended use of ISO8601. Include 'Z' to enforce UTC.

    operator_id string

    Filter the events by operator.



    result object[]
  • Array [
  • auto_relinquish_pc_threshold number
    created_at date-time
    end_at date-time
    id uuid
    object_id uuid
    screened_at date-time
    screened_status services.ScreenedStatusType

    Possible values: [screened, not_screened, candidate_to_definitive, file_not_found, unknown_trajectory_fetching_error, get_from_blob_storage_failed, trajectory_type_resolution_failed, failed_catalog_insertion, superseded, unknown]

    start_at date-time
    upload_type services.TrajectoryTyperequired

    Possible values: [hypothetical, definitive, candidate]

    uploaded_at date-time
  • ]
  • token string