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Get conjunction events



A paginated API, where the next page will chronologically retrieve the changes since the last API call.

The pagination is ordered by the event last modified time. The same event may show up more than once in the pagination, if an event gets modified during pagination.

This API may be used in an streaming fashion. Even when the API returns 0 results, the same token may be used in the future to retrieve any additional changes since the last call.

The API may be used in a more predictable pagination style, by changing the "sort" parameter to "id". The pagination token will return null when no more results are available.

The behavior of changing the filter parameters with the same pagination token is undefined.

If a client receives a 400 response with "pagination_too_old" error code, they must clear their pagination token.


Query Parameters

    token string

    Continuation token to retrieve next page.

    operator1 string

    Filter the events by operator. This will filter by both operator fields.

    operator2 string

    Filter the events by an additional operator. Operator1 must also be specified. Order does not matter.

    object1_id string

    Filter events by a given object.

    object2_id string

    Filter the events by an additional object. object1 must also be specified. Order does not matter.

    trajectory_id string

    Filter events by a given trajectory.

    min_update_time string

    Minimum time of when the event was last updated. Recommended use of ISO8601. Include 'Z' to enforce UTC.

    pc_min number

    Minimum probability of collision to list out an event.

    tca_min integer

    Minimum GPS nanoseconds timestamp for the time of closest approach.

    tca_max integer

    Maximum GPS nanoseconds timestamp for the time of closest approach.

    unmitigated boolean

    Filter only by events where no operators have claimed responsibility

    include_cdm_file boolean

    Include the CDM file inside of the json

    only_active boolean

    Only return events that have an active CDM

    sort string

    Possible values: [updated_at, id]

    Default is sort by 'updated_at'. Use sort by 'id' to use the API for non-streaming purposes.

    format string

    Possible values: [json, kvn]

    Format of the CDM file. (Default: json)



    result object[]
  • Array [
  • active_cdm_id uuidrequired
    claim_status_operator1 string
    claim_status_operator2 string
    creation_time date-timerequired


    file string

    Only set when "only_active=true" is set. May still be empty when the event has no active CDM.

    first_cdm_tca_gps_nanos integer

    GPS time in nanoseconds of the first CDM that created this event.

    id uuidrequired
    last_status_update_time_operator1 date-timerequired


    last_status_update_time_operator2 date-timerequired


    object1_id uuidrequired
    object2_id uuidrequired
    operator1_id uuidrequired
    operator2_id uuidrequired
    probability_of_collision numberrequired
    tca_gps_nanos integer

    GPS time in nanoseconds. Epoch at 1980-01-01 00:00:00 UTC.

    trajectory1_id uuidrequired
    trajectory2_id uuidrequired
    updated_time date-timerequired


  • ]
  • token string